Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What Is Your Dream Home?

Many of us dream of a home in the country, a rural escape where money is no object, where the practicalities of commutes and school league tables don't matter. How sweet life would be without the constant traffic and the need to earn a living!

Would your dream home be a Georgian rectory with an classic symmetrical facade? A roses around the door cottage topped with thatch?
 Or how about something grander, a manor house with oak paneling and secret passage ways. Or would it be a piece of working history, a converted barn or mill?

Given the choice I would opt for a mellow stone cottage topped with a slate roof, built into a hillside overlooking a lush green valley and surrounded by nature. How about you - what's your dream home?

images via Pinterest

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Displaying Vintage Treasures

If you're a collector of vintage treasures it can be challenging to find suitable ways of displaying your collections. Decorative objects often have more of an impact when grouped together and displayed en-mass rather than scattered around a room, here we take a look at some of the ways of doing just that.

  • Cabinets are a good way of housing collections that have their own curiosity value but don't necessarily blend with a rooms decor.Painting the cabinet or lining the back with wallpaper can incorporate a collection into a room.
  • Old black and white or sepia tinted photographs can be hard to display among lighter, fresher colour schemes. Try hanging them in a hall or passage way where they can be seen in passing rather than dominating a living room.
  • Vintage bottles look more impressive grouped together rather than used individually. Place them in wall mounted shadow boxes or line them up on shelves.
  • A collection of vintage books can be stacked as a platform for other decorative objects or give extra height to a table lamp.
  • Wall hung groupings are a great way to display some objects. Vintage tea towels or aprons make unusual wall art in the kitchen.

So, if you have a collection of vintage items group them together for the greatest visual impact. You will enjoy seeing your collection together and your friends and family will get great pleasure from seeing your beautiful vintage treasures too!