Thursday, 28 July 2011

Change Is In The Air

Last night as I went into the garden I noticed a definite shift in the air.

I have been feeling it for a week or so now, a nudge towards Autumn as we have now passed Midsummer. Its not so noticeable during the middle of the day when the sun is up but as evening draws in or early in the morning there has been a nip in the air that catches me by surprise when I step outside.

This morning as I hung out the washing a mist gathered in the dip of the field but by the time I was ready to start work it had disappeared and we were back to the clear blue skies of Summer.

Here at Homes & Dreams we are making changes too! Gradually, like the changes in the season, we are adding new products to our existing lines and will be introducing some lovely handmade items made here in the UK along with adding to our ever changing stock of quirky vintage homewares - we hope you like them!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Keep Calm and Have a Cup of Tea

This weekend I accompanied Mr T and The Boy to the Royal International Air Tattoo. Now between you and me I can honestly say that I wasn't really enthralled by the prospect of spending a weekend surrounded by aircraft and all the associated paraphernalia (plus I can't tell the difference between a Hawker Hunter and a Fighting Falcon).

So whilst the boys were bonding over jets and guns I happily happened to stumble upon the Battle of Britain Village and this......

How happy was I! A nice cup of tea, bunting galore and the truly wonderful Miss Madeline Brown singing wartime classics and I was whisked away to 1940's Britain!

The Blitz Village outside the main tent featured mock-ups of rooms from a typical 1940s home including a kitchen, parlour and bedroom, plus a garden, and re-enactors were on hand to give the public a feel for wartime Britain. All the props on display were owned by the re-enactors who were costumed in authentic dress.

I was amazed at the depth and attention to detail that the 'Blitz Buddies' go to. Now all I need to do is practise my Victory Roll and learn how to do the Jitterbug and I'll be ready to join them!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Thinking Outside The Box

One thing that we believe in here at Homes & Dreams is giving new life to items destined to be thrown away.

Many of the vintage items that we sell have been recycled (or upcycled!) to make unique and quirky home accessories so it follows that I use the same principles in my own home.

Take my love of growing things! In my utility room I keep a few plants that won't be happy outside....

My Chili Peppers are planted in an old cattle food box.

My Basil grows quite happily in an old butter tub.

And my next project is to plant up this old enameled bread bin.

You might not want to keep your bread in it now but it would look great planted up with lavender or a few herbs and kept by the kitchen door.

Sometimes with vintage items you just have to think outside the box.