Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fig 10

As you may have read way back in the blog I do have a fondness for my car!

Well this weekend we took her to her very first car show - Fig 10, which was held at the Heritage Motor Centre near Warwick.

We arrived at the Heritage Motor Centre on a very sunnySunday morning to a glorious sight
There were certainly some head turning cars.

Including this Boden print Figaro which won the car of the show award!


  1. I have Fig envy!!! I love Figaro's!! how fabulous - no wonder you love your car. I agree we so are going to bump into each other - how will I recognise you? I am only 5 foot 2 with dark hair and usually accompanied by a bald 6 foot 6inch bloke! xxx

  2. Hi there, just stumbled across your lovely blog!

    Beautiful car! My head always turns when I see one driving down the road! Although my man doesn't think they're "vintage" enough! He's a mini enthusiast!

    Also, I happen to have a lovely black cat called Purdy - how strange! Just thought I'd have to leave a comment and look forward to visiting your blog again!



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