Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Hidden Gem

There has been a great series on BBC2 recently called 'Country House Revealed'. Presented by Dan Cruikshank the series visits great country houses in private ownership and not open to the public, in one of the episodes he gets to take a look at a house called Wentworth Woodhouse.

Now I have visited the village of Wentworth many times as my favourite garden centre is located there (the restaurant on site also serves a mean slice of quiche at lunchtimes). In fact the garden centre is situated in the old walled garden that belonged to the house, however I have never actually seen the house in person and it remained somewhat of a mystery to me.

After watching the program (if you're quick you may still catch it on Iplayer) I was even more intrigued and armed with the knowledge that a public footpath crosses the estate I set off to see it for myself.

Wow! I knew that the house is one of the largest privately own houses in Europe however I was amazed by the sheer scale of the place......

Quite something isn't it! Even the stable block is of the same impressive scale.....
And I couldn't resist taking a peep through the gates.....

However it is apparent that time is taking its toll on the building and it left me wondering about its fate.


  1. What a great post! I live 10 minutes away from Wentworth and me and my family often take walks there and are especially fascinated with Wentworth Woodhouse. It was so amazing to see inside this great building on Country House Revealed. We too always have to take a peek through the gates of the stable block!!

  2. This is just at the top of my road and we wander around a lot - there are lots of hidden gems in the area. It was great to see it on telly. xxx

  3. Hello Vicky

    How amazing to see pictures of this stunning country house. Sadly, I only get satellite BBC and will probably never see this program, so, thank you for your pictures.

    I have now become a follower.



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