Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Our Latest Vintage Finds

This week we have been busy, busy, busy hunting out some vintage finds for the website.  

Vintage Ginger Beer Bottles From £12.00

We have been busy adding a fresh selection of vintage ginger beer bottles. These bottles are not only decorative in their own right, they also make interesting vases and look great with a stem or two of your favourite flowers.

Another interesting find are these vintage bread tins. Over time they have developed a lovely patina and although they still have plenty use left in them as baking tins I think that they would make quirky planters for growing herbs on your kitchen window cill.

Vintage Bread Tins £8.00 each

Bread tin window box

We like the rustic look of the bread tins as they are however if you want to co-ordinate them to your colour scheme they can be painted.  Take some medium-grade wire wool to clean the outside of the tin to reveal smooth metal - work along the length of the tin to minimise scratching.. Apply one coat of red oxide paint to the outside and inside. Using a can of spray paint, and following manufacturer's instructions, apply one coat of paint to the whole of the exterior and about 25mm (1in) down the inside. Do not over spray as it will drip. When the paint is dry, the tin can be filled with compost and planted. The tin has no drainage holes, so be careful not to over water.

Anyone for cricket? Occasionally we find these lovely Vintage cricket bats and here is our latest one by Gunn & Moore - they look great propped up in a corner for a nostalgic touch.

Vintage Cricket Bat £45.00
We hope that you like our latest vintage finds as much as we do!

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