Monday, 3 October 2011

Characterful Kitchenware

I have been busy lately sourcing a selection of original vintage kitchenware for the website. I have to admit to having a weakness for kitchenalia, there is something about the way it instantly adds character and a nostalgic look to a kitchen.

For me one thing that is sure to evoke a trip down memory lane is enamelware. Now I know that you can buy reproduction enamelware (we even have some on the website) but for me nothing beats the slightly shabby look of vintage enamelware

Enamelware is manufactured by fusing a thin layer of glass-like material on to a base of steel, iron or aluminium. The process - which takes its name from the Latin for glass, vitrum- is akin to the ancient method of making enamelled jewellery. But its widespread use for kitchen utensils dates from the 1840s following the introduction of a lead-free enamel with a china clay base as an alternative to tin for lining saucepans.

Compared with the heavy, coal-black iron pots and pans in use at the time, enamelware offered many advantages. It was smooth, light, and easy to clean. Soon, almost every item in the kitchen from flour bins and bread bins to fish slices, funnels, bowls and measuring jugs was manufactured in enamelled steel and exported all over the world.

So if you want to add a little character to your kitchen why not take a look at our range of nostalgic kitchenalia? Prices start at £5.00

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  1. I think enamelware is still incredibly practical and attractive. My favourite pieces are a white and blue toilet set with bowl, jug and sponge dish.



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