Thursday, 3 November 2011

And The Results Are Out.....

At last the long wait is over and we can finally get to see the results! As you may remember back in August we were approached by Ideal Home Magazine who wanted to feature our home in the December issue of the magazine. For those of you who may want to read about the photo shoot the post can be found here.

Anyway, you know that feeling that you get when you've said yes to doing something only to regret it as the event gets closer? Well that's how I've been feeling for the past few weeks. Gradually as November has drawn closer I have been getting increasingly nervous about seeing the results in print

So this morning I braced myself when I was handed a copy of the magazine and OMG there I was sitting there for all to see!!! (can I please point out that I hate having my photo taken and believe it or not I am normally a very private person).

So here you have it......... at home with Homes and Dreams!


  1. I'm going to get the magazine, your home looks lovely, all the cleaning was worth it!
    Sue x

  2. Have the mag and it all looks lovely, happy christmas to you xx


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