Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Antiques ARE Green

As a source of vintage homewares Homes & Dreams are proud to support the aims of the 'Antiques Are Green' campaign.

The sole purpose of the campaign when it began in 2009 was to raise awareness of antiques being environmentally friendly. Antiques are items that have been recycled for many generations which means any carbon footprint in making them has long gone and they are recycled by handing them down to family members and friends or by selling them on through a dealer or by auction. By passing them on in this way, we are helping to conserve natural resources.

Antiques are Green.org was launched “to promote the green credentials of antiques”. This not-for-profit campaign aims is to get antiques recognised for their genuine green credentials “sustainable, re-usable and re-saleable”.

The importance of protecting the environment cannot be understated. The environment is not ours to destroy, but something which we have been given to protect for future generations. The “green movement” has focused on achieving this goal by reducing fossil fuel emissions and preventing deforestation. These endeavours have made huge inroads, but as a world we need to consume less and reuse more - “antiques are a perfect way to take the green movement into our homes”.
As more consumers become sensitive to green issues it is hoped that this will help boost trade and help consumers realise they are making a genuinely green purchase. Antiques are a great buy, good value for money and a very enjoyable, sustainable purchase. This web site brings together a wide selection of items offered from all types of businesses, which will continue to be added to. Future development of the site is also planned. In September 2010 the antiques trade commissioned a carbon footprint analysis of an antique chest of drawers against its modern equivalent - the results speak for themselves-the new item had a carbon footprint 16 times higher than the antique' - taken from the Antiques are Green website.

The aims of the Antiques are Green campaign are:

To promote antiques as an alternative form of recycling and conserving natural resources.

o encourage existing consumers and attract a new audience who may not have considered buying antiques before.

To encourage businesses and organisations to consider environmental issues when making decisions related to their business activities.

To offer help and advice to businesses and consumers on reducing their carbon footprint, dependency on fossil fuel and becoming greener.

To promote environmental projects such as tree planting, conservation and protection.

To make a tangible difference and be part of an environmental conscience which permeates all areas of day-to-day life.

We are proud to support the national ‘Antiques are Green’ campaign to encourage consumers to consider antiques, vintage and reclaimed items when it comes to furnishing their homes. For further information on the Antiques are Green campaign visit http://www.antiquesaregreen.org/

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