Monday, 2 April 2012

Creating Modern Country Kitchens

A true country kitchen is what many of us wish for in our own homes, whether or not our homes are surrounded by fields and farms it’s possible to evoke that classic country kitchen feel even if you live in the most urban of settings. For many people choosing to adopt a less formal, more relaxed style of home the country style kitchen is an ideal way to achieve this.

The kitchen and dining area of a home are one place where the modern country look can be easily achieved. In today's country kitchen old and new are cleverly combined - traditional furniture sits alongside sleek modern appliances while warm natural finishes are offset by stainless steel accessories.

Adding Modern Country Style to Your Kitchen

In terms of style 'modern' and 'country' may seem like polar opposites, however these two styles can be effectively combined to create a kitchen that is both warm and welcoming and yet completely up to date. 

The key to creating a modern country kitchen is getting the correct balance between the more traditional elements such as the cabinetry whilst accommodating the modern essentials such as the lighting and appliances. 

  • Materials - Think of the materials used in the kitchen - slate, granite, stone and natural wood, they wear well and are compatible in both modern and country interiors.
  • Colour - Keep the main colours soft and neutral and add accents of deeper colours such as cherry red, sage green or shaker blue. By using paler neutral colours on the walls it will keep the room light and airy and will make it look more spacious. 
  • Appliances - Key appliances are often integrated behind doors to keep in with the traditional style. Range cookers are the perfect centerpiece for the modern country kitchen and look great nestled into the chimney breast of the kitchen.
  • Cabinetry - Cabinets should be simple - shaker style or tongue and grooved in solid wood, either painted in a subtle colour or left natural.

By adding modern country style to your kitchen you will enjoy a room that has the warmth and comfort associated with country living combined with the essentials required for modern day life.

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