Monday, 15 June 2009

Top 10 Childrens Garden Plants

Following on from the last post here are our top ten plants for a child’s garden.

1. Lamb’s Ears - This perennial with its fuzzy leaves is a favorite in any child’s garden. Children love to feel the soft silvery leaves.

2. Buddleia - Butterfly bushes make wonderful small trees in a child’s garden and most children are fascinated by the winged creatures covering the plants.

3. Sunflowers - These cheery, yellow annuals are fun and easy to grow.

4. Snapdragons - They can pick the flowers and make them talk.

5. Mint - Children enjoy the smell of different mints and rub the leaves between their fingers to release the scent.

6. Thyme - Use this plant between stepping stones. It is tough enough to handle the occasional mis-step.

7. Curry Plant - The warm spicy aroma smells just like curry.

8. Carrots - Children like the fluffy tops and enjoy the surprise of finding veggies growing underground.

9. Lavender - The foliage of these plants is a lovely gray green, but the best part for kids is picking the flowering wands.

10. Grass - Its smell great and cushions them when they fall over!

Have a great time in the garden and don't forget to take a look at our 'Mr McGegors Grow Your Own Gardening Kits'. These are a great way to introduce your little ones to the joys of gardening!

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