Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What is Country Style?

What springs to mind when you think of country style? Aga's and muddy boots? Creamware and chintz?

I guess there is no definitive answer as people have different ideas about living in the country. To some it may be the pretty country cottage with climbing roses around the door, for others a rustic barn conversion - both stereotypical of country living but both completely different in style.

The country style of home decorating remains popular because the suggestion of rural life can seem to offer simplicity and a refuge from urban pressures. Country-style decorating can draw its inspiration from French, English, Swedish, American, and other cultural influences. However, pieces from different periods and traditions can be blended in one home as long as comfort is the principle ingredient. No country-style room should be too studied, for it is meant to be lived in.

To me the term Country style means a comfortable, lived-in look of a farmhouse or country cottage. The style inspires guests feel to comfortable in a country style living room or drop in for a cup of tea and homemade cake in a country style kitchen. This design style is casually elegant with a compliment of sturdy, practical furniture and warm rustic accessories.

Homes & Dreams features a collection of timeless decorative accessories for the country home & garden. From wonderful wall art to gardening gifts, our diverse range of home accessories are selected to reflect the enduring elegance of English country style with a hint of vintage charm.

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