Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Alternative Easter Gifts For Children

This afternoon was the Easter Fair at my Son's school. After spending the morning making cornflake nests complete with the ubiquitous mini eggs and fluffy chicks for the bun stall I helped out on the Easter themed tombola.

About 90% of the prizes that had been donated were chocolate eggs and some of the children were winning 2-3 each. Now when you add that to Easter Eggs received from friends and family that's a LOT of chocolate for one child.

So I've been thinking that these ' Grow Your Own Garden ' Children's Gift Sets with the little bunny soaps would make great alternative Easter gift for my nieces and nephews. Along with an Easter Egg of course!

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  1. What a terrific idea. Anything that gives children something to do and lasts more than a few minutes is good in my book. I will have to consider this next year for my grandson when he will be old enough to do things on his own


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