Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Industrial Salvage

Ok, so by now you have probably realised that I'm a sucker for industrial and commercial vintage. I love giving a new lease of life to items that are destined for skips (I had to draw a line at the false teeth molds that had just been dumped in a skip during a conversion of an old dentist's surgery though - it was the look on my friends faces that stopped me, otherwise who knows?)

I was happy to discover these vintage wooden bobbins which I think make interesting decoration pieces. These particular bobbins were made by the Wilson Brothers Bobbin Company who manufactured bobbins and shuttles for the cotton industry. Stacked en masse I think that they make an unusual display -

Vintage Bobbins £5.50 from Homes & Dreams

This is how they would have originally been used in cotton mills when Britain was a manufacturing giant.

Commercial and industrial salvage can make a quirky addition to your home and by using reclaimed materials you also achieve an extra green brownie point! At Homes & Dreams we have an ever changing selection of vintage salvage - why not take a look and see how it could be reused in your own home to add interest to your our living space.

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  1. I love vintage bobbins: both beautiful and practical for keeping lace trimmings and ribbons in order.



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