Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Last! Our Latest Project

Over a year ago we were contacted regarding our vintage shoe lasts. Would we be able  to provide a large quantity of them for display purposes to an international chain of high street stores?

After plenty of sourcing (on our part), much designing (on their part) and a lot of negotiation (on both parts) we were finally able to come up with an action plan. So over the last year we have been providing a steady quantity of vintage shoe lasts to be made into point of sale displays to go into their stores around the globe.

Just before Christmas we got an email - would we be able to provide 1,500 lasts by the end of January so that they could finish the project? Oh, and could they all be left feet and ladies shoe lasts?

So this week saw us doing a 450 mile round trip to deliver the lasts!

All packed and ready to go.......

So that's it, 1,500 lasts successfully delivered! We can't wait to see how the shoe lasts look on display in the stores.

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